Monday, December 29, 2008

hey, its me, cesc, wanna wish all of u happy new year in advance.. early? cos i'm having holiday in far far land, enjoying my cocktail drink.. may not b able to rush back s'pore to celebrate wif ur.. so, enjoy har!

Princess Dior @3:21 PM

Saturday, December 27, 2008

i kana punished by ma.. she said i cannot control myself n keep nipping on my paw paw.. she used the "gate" on me.. look @ me, so pitiful.. =(

Dior: shit, its e gate..
wat shld i do to get away?
c'mon, set me free leh..
i promise i will TRY my best not to do it..

after i kana release from prison, less than 5 mins, i start my habit again.. ma is thinking of another way to stop me, so she did tis..

wearing my chicky shoes.. yucks!

Princess Dior @5:15 PM

Friday, December 26, 2008

hello.. i'm back.. sorry for not blogging for quite some time.. cos ma needs to prepare for her exams n she is away to HKG.. bad, did not bring me along.. leave me n ah di behind.. heartless woman, onli know how to enjoy urself.. the worse of all, no pressie for ME.. @#%&XX

we (ah di & me) had a wonderful time playing @ our "neighbour" place.. neighbour is bell mei mei.. she oink with ah T grace on the other room.. below r some pixs snapped by ah T grace.. look @ ah di, he is so happy.. smile till like tat.. see the teeth not the eyes.. (见牙不见眼)

Princess Dior @2:36 PM

Saturday, December 20, 2008

ma said we r the most KPO dogs.. i tink need to correct her, we r not KP king or KP queens.. we r just a bunch of curious, innocent, cute, sweet.. little doggies.. dun u agreed? haha..

Do we look like "3 little pigs"? =)

Princess Dior @12:00 PM

Monday, December 15, 2008

ma said i'm a naughty gal.. when i bored, i love to chew on my paw paw.. ma always whacked me on my buttock.. but, i'm so used to the whacking (not pain @ all, ma no eat rice), sometime i dun even bother n continue.. onli when she said: "do tat again n i take gate gate". when i heard the word "gate", i will stop immediately n give her a ke lian look..

Princess Dior @2:15 PM

Friday, December 12, 2008

look! its me..hehe... ma said i look fat.. am i?

Princess Dior @4:49 PM

Thursday, December 04, 2008

not much to say.. just wanna share some of our pics.. can u see how bored we are? ma is thinking of bringing me to her fren's hse on coming monday (its a public holiday!) but she is onli thinking.. not confirm.. cos her fren's daughter is celebrating 1 yr old! heard there will b buffet.. *saliva drooling*.. oh.. i have to beg her.. tolong tolong, pls bring me along...

Princess Dior @1:06 AM

Monday, December 01, 2008

ma said i'm full energy even when the time i suppose to Zzz.. every nite, ma will give us a nite nite kiss, den ah di will curl beside her n zzz... Me leh?! No no no.. i will dig out my toys, sayang them, take my ball, give to ma n ask her to play wif me.. if she dun, i will whin.... no use? i will lick her face till she hide herself wif e blanket.. ah.. she dun know tat by doin tat, i'm more excited.. mean she wan to play wif me rite? i will scratch n sniff, is there any "opening", so i can poked my head, n.. blah...

okay, tat is wat i do almost every nitez.. den ma remember something, she said i look like tis..

suddenly she remember tis advertisment (long long ago).. but i'm a doggie, not bunny.. tink she is kind of mix up.. Lol..

dior's ma: for those who seem tis adv b4, will know wat i mean.. (^-^)

Princess Dior @9:10 AM

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