Friday, October 03, 2008

bell is very attached to ma.. tis is the pic is taken @ the clinic before ma n auntie grace bring her back..
2 pretty gals.. haha.. (ma make me say tat! wahaha..)

Princess Dior @11:17 AM

hm.. think cesc didi is scare of bell rather than dislike her.. when bell came into our room, didi will try to hide somewhere.. his eyes will follow bell.. sometime is timid bb cesc will ask ma to carry him.. silly bb leh.. btw, bell is sick, poor gal.. but like me, she is very "energentic", jump here n there, wanna play bite bite wif me.. haha..
dior: hey kid, u muz behave hor.. or else didi will chase you out of the room..
dior: let me tell u....
cesc: see, i told u rite! tis small ones dun understand lo.. see la, she bites u now..

Princess Dior @11:02 AM

Thursday, October 02, 2008

little bell gal has been with us for abt 6 days.. she is a beri cute fellow, super active.. compare her n ah didi, 1 heaven 1 earth (一天一地).. didi is beri low in exercise, he seldom move his butt, most of the time he is Zzz, unless time for his meal.. ah bell is always running abt, biting and disturbing me n didi.. ah didi does not LIKE ah bell.. first day when bell is home, he "grrr..." her till now! dun know y leh? maybe he dun likes small "kid".. keke.. hopefully he can accept her one day..

for me, it ok la.. sometimes very annoyed cos bell loves to bite my collar, my ear, legs, cheek and my tail!! tis ger really loves to bite.. when i really piss, i will challenge her back.. show her who is the boss.. hehe..
dior: c'mon di, bell is onli a small kid..
cesc: keep her away from me! dior: ma, i tried my best to talk to ah didi....
but he dun want to listen.. haiz..

Princess Dior @2:55 PM

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