Thursday, September 25, 2008

wanna see my room? e place where me, didi n ma share.. these pics were taken early in the morning, 7 plus am.. b4 ma goes to work.. she is beri free hor?
ah didi still wanna to Zzz..
Me waiting for ma..
our toys!

Princess Dior @2:49 PM

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

pretty gal eating milk stick..
dun ever tink wanna take mine!!

Princess Dior @4:36 PM

we have a "live" polor bear @ home.. his name is cesc ah didi..
dun u think he look like a polar bear? :)

Princess Dior @1:32 PM

Monday, September 22, 2008

i'm a good sista.. when ah didi is tired or stress (dunno y young boi gt stress), i will give him a massage.. dun believe? see pic below..

Princess Dior @5:05 PM

another pic of ah bell bell.. so cute hor, like me.. keke..

btw, she having her own blog.. see my link.. but now still under construction cos she is still @ vivo..

Princess Dior @11:26 AM

Sunday, September 21, 2008

let me intro a sweetie to u.. she will become my sista very soon.. a sweet gal.. name "bell".. nice name rite? Y she is called BELL leh.. is because, I'm dior - D, cesc - C, so ma n auntie grace wants to think of a name starting wif B or E.. so after some thou, they came out with tis..
wow.. all the aunties including my ma got four legs kid.
auntie corina - cesc (maltese, bischon, 01/09/2006)
ma - dior (silky terrier, 02/11/2005)
auntie joyce - nikey (shih tzu, 08/08/2003)
auntie grace - bell (toy poodle, 09/07/2008)

ok, enough of talking, show u her pic.. onli took 1 photo.. she is a bit camera shy.. Bell: hi hi.. i'm a toy poodle.. will become part of the family soon.. just to clarify, i dun have dark ring.. (cos uncle D said so) its just "bak sai".. hehe.. i will go to my new home end of sept.. excited to meet n che che (D) n gor gor (C).. currently @ vivo pet safari.. see ur soon!! (^-^)

Princess Dior @12:41 AM

Saturday, September 20, 2008

*yawn** wat a boring day.. well.. i feel and think.. EVEYDAY is so boring...
didi is having LS.. n becos of tis, he cannot eat dim dim.. its okk.. BUT, Y I ALSO CANNOT LEH?! i'm nt e one having tummy pain lo.. **sianz**.. but for didi sake, i bear wif it for a while.. PLS GET WELL SOON AH BOI.. for ur sake n mine too.. :P
dior: hm.. no dim dim still wanna take my pic..
dior: Zzz..
cute zzz pos..
Cesc: ohhh.. feeling hot.. can lower the
air-con temp?
Woo.. beta now.. nitez nitez..

Princess Dior @12:23 AM

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

sista n bro affair!! see.. ah didi loves me so much.. he loves to muack muack me!!!

Princess Dior @12:34 PM

Monday, September 01, 2008

Happy B'day didi.. today is ah cesc bird day.. he is 2.. oh yeah!! big boi.. but ma still call us babies.. 笑死人.. haha.. didn't have a celebration cos ma is very busy.. cos is her bird day too.. i did mention that ma n didi born on the same day rite? xcept the yrs la.. keke.. ma has endless invitation from her friends to have big feast.. wish i can go too.. *drooling** anyway..


Princess Dior @2:41 PM

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