Monday, August 11, 2008

Hi everyone, hope u have a wonderful weekend..
not like mine.. cos i'm having LS.. poor me.. i LS for more than 20xs.. yesterday, ma bought me to visit the vet ard 6pm and was given 2 medication.. however, after i took tat, it did not stop, i continue having LS.. my ma saw me so poor thing, she grabbed me and took me to Mount Pleasant Hospital. tat is 3am tis morning.. you know wat? i feel tat the hospital is trying to make money instead of curing sick furkids like us.. when we reached, the clinic attendent told ma, need to see vet, muz pay, 250SGD (plus waiting time is 30 - 60 mins) cos they need to call the vet in. wif GST, tat will b 267.50GSD.. tat is very XXXX.. but ma is so worried abt me, she agreed (anyway, we r there, so wat 2 do?).. e vet did not took very long, abt 15 mins n has the sleepy face (muz b just wake up).. after all e touching and watever.. i was given a jab n a bottle of anti-LS med den can go back.. guess how much is the bill?? it cost 358.44SGD!!!! woohla.. wif the cab fare (to n fro), plus the fee from earlier consultation.. ma spent abt 500 plus!! she muz b having a heart pain now.. i oso having a heart pain, 500 bucks can buy me alot of treats and toys leh..

Ma said, next time, she will nt bring me to Mt Pleasant AGAIN!! cos they are like day light robbery!!! 267.50 to just see a vet, tat does nt include the consultantion fee! if anyone know who can i call or go when there is an emergency, pls let ma know..

Ma is nt working tdy and is taking gd care of me.. she gave me home-cooked porridge wif chicken breast.. i ate all n took a bit from ah di oso (haha) cos i damn hungry as i did not eat anything for more than 24hrs.. i'm going back to rest now.. REMEMBER, IF THERER IS ANY GOOD VET ARD WHICH I CAN CONTACT WHEN HAVING AN EMERGENCY, PLS LET MA KNOW.. Thanks in advance..

Just FYI.. read tis:

Princess Dior @1:57 PM

Friday, August 08, 2008

todae is 08.08.08 so muz update my blog on tis special day!!! actually nt much to update, so, just put a pic or 2.. hehe.. i know i bo liao, anyway i am, cos nthing to do @ home, onli Zzz, eat and play wif my ball ball..

Princess Dior @2:01 PM

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