Saturday, May 24, 2008

think muz change our floor tiles.. see the pic below and you will know wat i mean..

ma said if the top of my head is not silvery, i might be mistaken as part of the floor.. will kana step!!! maybe i shld consider to give a new colour to my fur? RED?

Princess Dior @1:42 AM

Sunday, May 18, 2008

haha.. let me show u how ah di Zzz.. 睡象真难看喔.. 哈哈..

cesc: pls remove the pic can?

Princess Dior @1:29 AM

Cesc didi wans to say hello and show his cutie face..

Princess Dior @1:20 AM

Thursday, May 15, 2008

haiz.. actually i dun wan to post these pics.. but i was been forced to.. (-_-)" anyway.. let u all laugh la.. laugh and laugh la..

its nt me, dior, in this bikini.. close up.. dior keep pretending busy eating her kibbles and dun wan to face the camera..
pls dun try it on me.. i will hang myself..

Princess Dior @2:36 PM

hm.. boring day..
huh? take pic? mai la.. sianz..
aiyo, haben give up? pretend Zzz beta..
Really falling asleep.
Ma: dun she look sweet? like an angel.. ^(^-^)^

Princess Dior @2:25 PM

when "ah bu" (ma) got nice stuff to "mum mum", i will ask her to share by giving her my paw (shake hand)..

Dior: PLS.. can we share?

Princess Dior @2:17 PM

hello.. i'm back to blogging now.. me n the white one (ah di) still e same lor.. eat, play n zzz.. anyway, wat can we do xcept these?? Hehe.. ma bought us new bed bed.. a wooden one from ikea (mine) and a pink cushion from pets lover (for ah di) {boi boi use pinky.. hahahaha..} anyway here it is.. ma put my yellow comforter on my bed.. i'm taller so i take this.. didi one girly hor.. wahaha..
ai seh.. new bed.. n new toys leh.. ma "huat" liao?
check it out! got my smell.. *muack* huh? ask me how? ok la.. "Prince girly bed".. look comfortable right?
Dior: didi.. can give me the pink pillow? i think more suitable for me..
Ee.. where that boi?
didi: you can have the whole bed.. so girl.. i prefer this sport car.. even thou is pinky oso, but @ least is a CAR! in the end.. di Zzz.. in this old "booboo" car and took one of the new toy.. funny, a doggie has a doggie soft toy..

Actually.. he (ah di) is not happy.. he dun like the bed, i dun know Y. really becos of the colour meh? sometime he can b very petty. dun believe, see below..
look @ the "sad" face.. haha..

Princess Dior @11:24 AM

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