Friday, February 29, 2008

OHhhh.. so long neber update my blog.. cos my mummy is super busy with work n study.. she din even got time to play wif me.. *sob*.. but, she bought us (yes, me n ah di) to pawtobello on feb 14 (Valentine's day!).. N den, on tis special day, we have a new comer.. baby Edurodo.. he is ah di (cesc), bb bro.. erm.. no pic of him yet cos haben download.. hehe.. don't u think their name is after some footballers?! yes, its is.. dun ask me from which team cos i dun know n kuku mummy oso dun know..
mummy is super busy on 14 feb, morning wake up, bring us go pawtobello, evening, went to take Singapore Flyer (suck, did not bring me along) and ltr in the nite, see bb..
ok la.. here is some of the pic.. hazel oso join us there, wat a big eater she is. she kept saying :mum mum"- food! haha..

Princess Dior @11:06 AM

The Princess




age: 2yrs
dob: 2nd Nov 2005
gender: Female
Dior 3rd b day
Cesc 2nd B day=


Sweet Escape


sweet woof

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