Thursday, January 17, 2008

hello.. mummy said now is holiday mood as CNY is coming soon.. i'm oso glad cos mummy will be staying @ home wif me n.. alot of stuff to eat!!! Yeah!!! my mummy ordered a reunion dinner for me an ah di from US dog bakery.. (saliva drooping..) this yr is different cos we will be having lamb.. mummy wants to change to chicken but the lady said lamb will taste beta, blah blah.. get ur mummy to get tat for u as well la.. here is the link: they have nice cookies, muffins, pies, cakes & more.. esp for US!! I love the QUICHE! me n ah didi will chomp it down beri fast cos my stingy mommy always bought 1 pc for us to share and ah di eat faster than me. i will become rich during CNY cos i will have ang bao from my mummy's mummy, mummy's sistas.. haha.. den i can buy alot of QUICHE!! oh.. how i wish is CNY now!!!

Princess Dior @11:30 AM

Sunday, January 06, 2008

do u like to dress up? i don't but still oki.. ah didi is different, if u make him wear anything, he will play dead. anyway, here are some pics my mom took for me last week.. my mom said these pics are so cute xcept my "face xpression".. hahaha..

I'm a California Beach Guard dog..

poor ah di. he wear" i am a hooligan" but he seem like a scary cat.. hide in one corner n dun wan to come out.. haha..
baby T.. tis belong to hazel, she oleadi 18 mths old n fat fat, cannot wear, so give me lor.. i'm the "slimmest: in the house..

my lovely bathrobe.. nice?

me in a girly pink dress.. look at me, so sad, cos so tired, took so many pics.. i wan to play wif my toys..

leave me alone pls..

mom love this pic, she said i look very pretty.. Hehe..

Princess Dior @4:32 PM

I'm seem to be bigger (fatter) and taller than didi.. But look at our height, it seem abt the same leh.. iszit my legs are longer than didi but his body longer than mine? look at the pic and u know wat i mean..
didi legs so cute, sHoRT and fluFFy.. haha..

Princess Dior @3:56 PM

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