Tuesday, November 27, 2007

tis is normally wat i will do when mummy clearing her messy cupboard.. she think i'm a nuisance.. well, i know i can't help so i just acc her mah, so muz find a gd spot lor..

Princess Dior @4:22 PM

my favourite toy is ball. mummy bought in from HongKong Disney land. the first time she went, she bought 1 for me. but u knoe la, after playing for some time, the ball will be gone case.. she went Disney again to got me 9 BALLs.. last time, 1 ball cost HK$60, now is HK$25. cheap? No no no.. cos muz spent HK$200 (S$40) den can purchase 1 ball @ HK$25. they dun sell individual oleadi.. so in order to get 9 balls balls, mummy have to spent HK$2025 (S$405), HK$200X9= 1800 + HK$25X9= 225.. so u can guess, how much my mummy love me.. hehe.. she gave 2 balls to didi n the remaining is MINE! here is how my ball look like..
old ball.. mummy said got my smell.. shld be v nice bah.. hiak hiak..
new ball.. very soon i will sayang it like my old ones.. hehe..
can see the difference under my special care?
me and my beloved balls.. (btw, am i getting prettier? :p)
sianz.. always have to take photo b4 i can play with new toy..
aiya, dun wan to wait liao la.. its mine ball leh.. hahaha..

Princess Dior @3:53 PM

this is actually an old new, happened last mth.. somehow, it was being forget until mummy check on her camera.. so decide to post it.. on the day she was going to genting (morning, 5.30am), she found this!!!
mommy: who didi this to MY NOKIA PHONE??
close up.. N72, limited edition leh. diaoz..
beautiful HP strap gone too.. guess muz be tis tat cos the temptation..
didi: huh? wat? i innocent..
didi: dun keep looking @ me leh, i said nt me mah.
dior: nt me oso.. bu shi wo la..
dior: u dun believe me? den bo bian lor..
actually mummy think didi is the culprit, reason, see below:
- mom always put her hp on her bed n nothing happen
- when mom woke up, didi is hugging the phone n Zzz..
- when mom asked WHO? didi is the first the ran away.. (muz b gulity, cos when didi did something wrong, he will do tat)
anyway, heng la, she did not "PIAN" us.. BLESS..

Princess Dior @2:54 PM

Thursday, November 22, 2007

didi is really sick tis time.. mine mummy n his mummy bought him to mount pleasant hospital last nite @ ard 11. 20pm.. they waited for 1 and a half hr b4 is their turn. didi got "worm" in his small tummy n tt make him become merlion (vomit) n LS.. he kana poked in his anus twice n given 2 jabs.. poor boi.. e lady vet said no food n drink for him (funny leh, said he dehydrate, yet cannot drink) as tt is the best to cure vomit n LS. he will b given boil chicken in small amt n have to take medicine. since he cannot take treat, i oso kana.. wat got 2 do wif me? i'm oki mah, y he can't i oso cannot. nt fair leh.. haiz.. for my bro, bo bian.. tis is didi waiting for his turn.. curious as clinic is packed wif woof woof n meow meow..
didi: hello there? wat wrong wif u arh? (godma dun dare to take pic of the other doggies cos scare kana beaten up.. haha..)
didi: when is my turn.. i'm getting tired leh..
tis is didi after kana all the poke.. give tat type of sad face.. poor boi..
didi: i wan to ho home now.. *sob sob*

Princess Dior @4:35 PM

didi is so greedy, he finished his treat so fast n wan to "cheat" mine.. he is sick n yet when come to food, he is VERY ALIVE.. look @ tis greedy boi.. haha..
didi: erm.. can give me some?
dior: no! tis is mine, mine, mine. (cesc pretend did not hear)
didi: hey, help me to find way to bluff tis gal leh. i'm scare, she got scary eyes..
dior: dun ever think of taking my stuff boi.. I'M WATCHING YOU! (didi: sianz..)

Princess Dior @4:14 PM

Monday, November 05, 2007

hazel's mummy really a EVIL woman.. tis is the envidence wat she did. she always torture us. can someone call SPCA? look @ our expression, dun it break ur heart? actually she onli holding us but it seem like she trying to stran..ggle us.

Princess Dior @3:59 PM

when mom went to genting in oct, we (meaning ah di n moi) were bullied by hazel's mummy. she wat she did 2 us..
dior: how come everything black black one?
cesc didi: ya lor.. outside oso leh. going to rain arh?

Princess Dior @3:50 PM

Friday, November 02, 2007

actually e most impt thing of all is.. IS MINE BIRTHDAY!!! exactly 2 yrs ago, a beautiful, sweet, cute, lovely... gal born to tis world.. tat is ME!!!! hahaha.. 2yrs ltr, she grow up to become more beautiful, more sweet, more cute, more lovely, more.... (feel like vomit? dun b mean cos its my b'day and i'm the king, wahahaha)

time flies, i'm 2 oleadi, a big gal now.. but i still act like a bb.. love mom to rub my small tummy, play ball ball n hand feed me.. mom loves to pamper me cos she love me e most.. but hor, pls tell her, say say no use, muz action mah.. show me how deep she love moi mah.. muz buy more toys, more treats, bring me go shopping..

sometime i really wonder mom REALly love me anot. tdy my B day n she is meeting her friend.. @#$%!!! (i'm nt saying vaguar language hor, just cannnot find the correct word to replace wat i feel) but i'm an understanding gal (???), i knoe she accept the invitation 2 weeks ago without realize tis my b'day.. anyway, i got didi to acc me.. tat boi, really knoe how to eat.. think he is a PIGGY than a DOGGIE.. kekeke! but i love to have him ard cos he will tend to disturb me n make me fight wif him.. mom say she will cook something nice 4 me tmr to make up. its doean't really matter as long as mom is wif me, everyday is a happy day for moi!!!

Princess Dior @2:26 PM

oh.. knoe i spent my weekend? stay @ home.. (*pout*). my evil mom did not bring me go kai kai.. i was locked @ home 2 whole days while she go shopping!! nt fair leh. Y i mux always b the one look after the house leh? I'm a PRINCESS leh.. not MAID hor.. haiz.. wat 2 do leh? muz find the AVA number n report "child abuse".. keke.. but i'm a gd gai, i won't do tat cos i love my mom as much as she love me.. onli her action don't really tally.. hahaha..
can someone b kind to bring me go kai kai?

Princess Dior @2:16 PM

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