Friday, October 26, 2007

Bored, boring day.. nothing much.. except its TGIF! so mom can acc me thru out the weekend.. keke.. hopefully she got program line up for me cos i'm BORED.. Argh!!!!
look @ my face n u will knoe how bored i am..

Princess Dior @8:53 AM

Thursday, October 18, 2007

hi all.. wow.. so long neber blog liao.. cos erh?? aiya, cos me n mummy is very busy leh.. busy to visits hope.. ya, he is a strong boi, till now, he is ALIVE.. YEAH!!! he had not been eating, onli drink some water.. but, now, he began to eat a little bit everyday.. tat is a gd sign.. so happy to know my friend is getting beta.. erm.. my mom think i'm a mean on hope, tis is wat happened la.. mom brought me n cesc didi to visit hope.. hope was so happy to see us tat he wag his tail.. as usual, i will run here n there to explore (cos neber been there b4 mah).. so hope run after me to smell my butt.. oki la, i let him do tat as i had promised b4 mah.. tat cesc didi is such a timid, he dun dare to move cos hope is so much bigger! hiak! tat sissy sissy little boi.. so most of e time, he is been carried ard.. when hope tried to smell his butt, he hid himself! when didi cannot tahan tat anymore, he barked @ hope! poor hope, he seemed 2 b shocked.. den, u know la, i always protect my didi, i tried to bite hope. double shocked for hope! my mom managed to stop me in time n i kana scolding.. aiyo, i dunno mah, thou wat happened, i'm big sista, so muz protect didi mah.. oki la, i won't do tat agian.. i will nt have a chance oso cos mom said bring us there make her so tired. 1 wan to carry, 1 run abt like mad (she say me arh?) anyway, i pray tat hope will get well completely! hope's mummy gave me all his treats (new one leh) n 1 ball (still in the plstic bag), cos she thou hope cannot make it so gave me lor.. since now hope is beta, will she asked me 2 return? i ate some liao worh.. keke..

mom is busy watch dvd, taiwan drama 黑糖玛奇朵 brown sugar macchito.. beri funny..she can't stop laughing.. (siao woman.. haha) so when mom watching, i will sit on her lap n play wif my toy or i will zzz on her lap.. sweet bb hor (hiak hiak!)

didi is so funny, he is eating well, slepping well n always ready to fight wif me, yet, he is sick! he vomited those yellow stuff (stomach acid) 8 times! mom bought him to see doc last nite.. now he oki oleadi.. thanks God..

Princess Dior @4:46 PM

Thursday, October 11, 2007

bad news.. hope went thru blood transfusion.. @ first, he is doing gd.. but, e vet called auntie jen to inform her tat, hope is getting weaker.. there is nthing can be done.. so, last nite, mom, auntie jen and auntie grace took hope back home. he is scared of taking a cab, but he did not struggle, perhaps he is tired oleadi.. when reached back home, he just lied down.. tried to give him food n milk, he does not wans. give him treat n tried to play ball wif him, he oso dun wans.. poor boi.. according to the vet, he onli has 24-48hrs left. wat can be done? we all had prayed to God, wish tat he can help hope pull-thru.. i guessed mayb God wans to call him back, to give him back his health, let him run freely in his big garden, let him be happy, let him meet more friends.. perhaps he will meet herbie, fufu and coco? hope, just to let u know, there are alot of ppl, including me love u and when u left, its onli for time being cos all of us will get to meet again.. i promise.. i will let u smell my butt as long as u like.. here is the pic of dear hope.. mom said she will be visting hope after work, she wans to spend some time wif him b4 he left us.. i'm so sad.. i dun like tis @ all..

Princess Dior @1:59 PM

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

here are some of herbie's pics..
i will find u when i'm up there.. my busybody mommy oso said she will join us up there. can human oso go there? i hope so, cos i need my mommy and my mommy needs me too..

Princess Dior @3:44 PM

Last evening, mom went to visit hope @ mount pleasant hospital. he seem oki, but no one can understand the pain he is in.. not sure wat had happened to him, seem to be food poisoning or attacked by unknown insect or virus. it had affected all his other organs.. it seem tat his percentage of surviving is very low.. e last resort is blood transfussion.. tis is e last resort n hopefully he can survive.. pray tat God will be kind enuf to spare him e pain, give him e strength to recover, to fight wif the nasty watever he has now..

mom recd' a sms from auntie jen tis morning.. she said hope seem to be beta now. he is able to walk a little n drink a little as well.. now is waiting for the blood test result.. pls pray wif me..

i'm shocked to learn tat Herbie had left tis world. he left on 05 Oct.. we neber meet b4, but i always look out for his new post. tdy, i'm free, so went to check out his blog.. so sad, how come like tat? we dogs have a very short life, y muz we leave so early? pray tat herbie is free of pain n enjoying himself over e rainbow.. when my turn is up, i will join him n definitely make friend wif him.. i will try to get his pic n show u.. wat a handsome boi he is..

Princess Dior @3:29 PM

Monday, October 08, 2007

i was very happy last sat.. auntie grace n uncle ivan bought me to punggol park.. den i get to meet hope, is jaime n amanda adopted dog.. he is a friendly fellow but a bit timid cos kana ill-treat b4.. he loves to smell my butt, i dun mind @ first.. but hor, too many times made me a bit mad! so i "grrr" him.. i enjoy myself as i get to run n run n run.. my mom came to meet us after she attended a wedding dinner..

but hor, mom is upset cos she found flea n tick on me.. she is worried tat they will suck all my blood, so she keep combing me n check. even thou onli found 1 flea n 1 tick, she still cannot "fan xi".. lucky, she got stock for frontline.. she immediately applied tat on me.. hopefully those nasty thing will kana kill! this is still consider oki, e worse is hope. he is sick, he kept vomitting.. n in hospital n on drip.. just heard tat his liver kana poison n is very serious.. poor boi.. i pray tat hope will be well again.. just gain his freedom from those who ill-treat him n now this thing happen.. i hope tat god will give "hope" the strength to survive, a chance to live on.. i will update on his condition as soon as i have more info..

Princess Dior @3:56 PM

Saturday, October 06, 2007

look @ cesc didi.. dun u tink he is cute?
he got alot of different expression.. a model doggie sleepy didi.. actually he is not sleepy, cos mom made him wear the mickey mouse top n he is angry.. he dun like to wear collar or clothes.. if he is make to do tat, he will become lik tat.. he will give u tis face n show u he is upset.. cute hor? i dun mind to wear collar or dress, cos i'm wan to b a pretty gal.. (^-^)
didi was force to wear my dress.. my mom crazy, he is a boi leh.. but look @ him, like a gal rite? keke..

Princess Dior @1:37 PM

my new cushion.. soft n fluffy..
it make me so comfortable tat i fell asleep immediately..
Aa.. my cushion gt a "bushy tail"?!
close up of my cushion.. haha.. its cesc didi.. he seem to b annoyed n walk away to zzz @ the other corner.. haha.. "a walking cushion"

Princess Dior @1:28 PM

Friday, October 05, 2007

ok la.. tell ur.. his mommy wants to sell him away!!!! cos she tink didi is too naughty.. he eat his own poo.. wah kao.. how can like tat.. he dun mean to do tat mah.. have to teach him, train him mah.. i used to do tat when i'm young, of course now i dun la.. my poor didi.. i will miss him if he kana sell away.. but i know my mom won't allow tat 2 happen.. she will protect tat boi.. even thou sometime i tink didi is a nuisance, always snatch my toys, my treats.. but i love him too.. i always protect him when his mom cane him.. i bite his mom.. haha.. see, i'm a gd sista, gd gal.. see my didi, he so cute, how can she bear to sell away leh? no heart leh.. haiz.. alamak.. wat happen to blogger?! i can't upload didi pic.. maybe 2day is nt the day to load pic.. diao!!!

Princess Dior @4:55 PM

so piss leh.. i wan to upload my photo but e stupiood card reader won't work.. always like tat.. tink muz ask my mom to get a new one.. y do i need a card reader leh? is becos i took some photos using mom hp.. next time use camera beta.. can upload without tat stupiood stuff.. i will try again when mommy back from work.. she seem beri busy leh.. tis whole week, she work till quite late.. no time to play wif me n didi.. oh yes.. didi is still wif us.. he is going back ltr. his dad will come n fetch him after work.. hopefully he will b a gd boy when he @ home.. bcos..

Princess Dior @4:45 PM

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