Friday, September 28, 2007

haiz.. so sian leh.. nthing to do, just zzz or play wif my toys.. fighting wif ah didi is oso one of the thing to do la.. but still quite boring.. but hor i think alot of ppl will envy me.. like my mom la, auntie grace la... she always said i have a gd life.. hehe.. look @ me biting my "plastic bone" (dunno wat its call la).. chio boh?

Princess Dior @11:04 AM

Thursday, September 27, 2007

this is really the latest pics.. just taken less than 2hrs ago.. hehe.. how come my mom become so efficient arh?! cos i'm sitting beside her n make her work.. hehe.. i'm a gd supervisor.. maybe can look for a job tat need to supervise.. got lobang let me know k..
Red devil didi..
evil looking me.. haha..
my green contact lens nice?
smilling didi.. so cute hor.. he loves to take pic..
innocent me.. keke..

Princess Dior @10:40 PM

since is ah boi first b'day, as a sista, i show him how to "open" his presents... i dun mind helping him, seriously.. i REALLY dun mind.. but my mom thinks i'm Kay PO.. tat woman.. blah..

Princess Dior @10:11 PM

okay.. its a bit late la.. didi b'day is on 01 sept, same same as my mom.. she bought hin a cake.. pandan favour.. greedy didi can't wait to eat.. i'm not a cake lover.. so i let him had all by himself.. erm.. take it as a b'day gift for him la.. cos no need to share wif me mah.. beside the cake, we had pizza and chicken pies (which we ate earlier b4 cutting the cake) from US bakery.. its yummy.. here are some pic of the cake and the b'day boi..

Princess Dior @9:16 PM

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

hahaha! wat do ur tink abt my new layout? nice bah? have to thanks auntie grapey.. she helped me to do all the new changes. my mother arh.. can forget abt it.. she dunno how to such thing one la.. she just learnt how to covert songs to mp3. she searched the net beri long den manage to find the website tat can help her.. dun talk abt her, talk abt myself bah.. cos is my blog.. hehehe..

i'm a sick baby.. always sick.. poor me hor? so muz sayang me more.. kekeke.. this month alone hor, i visit the vet twice! once is LS (as usual la) and for coughing n sneezing (ah choo!).. mom bought me to dr edmond @ serangoon.. Ouch! the vet gave me a jab near my "pipi" there.. made me take alot of med.. "faint".. the best part is "NO GROOMING FOR AT LEAST A WEEK".. Yeah! i dun mind being "cho cho" for a while.. anyway now i'm beta liao.. i asked mom to upload my pics tmr.. hopefully she can remember.. i believe ur wan to see the new me oso right? okay la, not much change, just become more prettier la.. haa..

see ya again..

Princess Dior @11:34 AM

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