Wednesday, March 21, 2007

nowsaday, mummy love to go on net n search for sweet doggie pic.. she wan to post them on my blog.. of course i dun mind, sharing is gd.. (but does not mean i will share my food n toys hor)
here they are:

Princess Dior @2:52 PM

hello there.. i did not blog for so.. long.. so sorry.. so many things happened this yr.. just beginning tis yr.. does it mean tt tis yr will be "suay" all the way leh??? here is wat had happened:

incident 1:
my mom x-bf current gf called mom n "bo tin tin" scolded her for nothing. warn mom nt to contact the bf anymore. (but hello, she beta check b4 making tis type of silly thing) she is really stupid enough to sms mom vaguar language.. haha.. u know wat, mom used tt to make a police report.. but mom is kind enough nt to take legal action YET!! yup, if she continue.. she is DEAD!! anyway, it happened since jan 07.. but on-off, alot of thing happened n mom oso dun wan to tell me much.. guess dun wan me to worry.. but i will support her no matter wat.. i will bite tt idiot for u even losing all my teeth i will.. hehe..

incident 2:
mom's grandpa passed away on 28 feb. b4 tt, he was hospitalised for abt 2 weeks.. he passed away @ the hospital on his 80th b'day.. how sad.. lucky ah gong (mine, mom's papa) was wif him when he left.. ah gong was going to work tt morning, but b4 going, he went hospital to c great-ah gong den ah gong called mom n told her to contact the rest as G-A-G cannot make it liao.. everything happened too fast.. mom was blur as she naughty gal, did not go home, dun know go out wif which idiot.. anyway, its all passed liao.. we had to move on..

incident 3:
my mom's boss la.. haiz.. dun know gt lose screw or wat.. out of sudden asked mom not to be late for work, try to make effort to have lunch wif own dept ppl blah blah blah.. oki, for the "lateness" fair la, it mom fault cos start work @ 8am, she left home @ 8am.. reach office 8.45am.. (but, mom said my fault, cos i sometime last min poo, she had to clean up b4 going off, hm.. seem like i have to share the blame too.. but i'm still a kid leh) so, nowsaday, she waked up slightly early, prepared everything n leave home abt 7.35am.. (wanna bet wif me, it won't last long. she will b back the same soon.. haha.. sit & watch)

okay la, i will try to blog more, post more of my nice nice pic.. stay tuned!

Princess Dior @2:29 PM

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