Thursday, December 21, 2006

we going to start our fight..
didi n MY BANANA!! in the end, mummy give him tat.. poor me hor?!

i'm teaching my didi manner. must say pls if u wan to play my toy. no pls, no toy. 明白吗.
cesc cesc sexy buttock. play my toys, now drink my water. lucky tat i have big heart, or else hehehe..
didi innocent look. so sweet.. make me wan to lick him. ^o^
didi tired oleadi.. wan to zzz.. *shh* lower ur vol.
didi going to his dreamland.. huh, waiting for me to pat u to oink oink?! i'm sista, nt mum mum leh..

Princess Dior @3:37 PM

i got a little bro! his name is cesc didi. actually my half-bro la. mummy is his god-ma. a cute little maltese bb. he is very white, nt like me, silvery & black. he is very small size n like to walk under me. (cos i'm tall mah. everyone said i have "2" pairs of nice long legs) my mum said lucky i oleadi XXX so will not come menses, or else didi will very suay. siao ding dong, we doggie dun believe in such "childish human old wife tale" didi is very naughty, he likes to bite on my beautiful legs, my collar n the fur ard my cheek. its true, kana caught by mummy alot of time. he ding dong, bite my fur for wat? maybe he like my colour? wan to stick some on himself? maybe hor?! he always like to snatch my toys. no matter wat i'm playing he wan. give in to him n play other toys, there he will comes n snatch from me again. haiz.. wat to do? still a bb. but, sometime i "buai tahan", will teach didi some "manners". show him who is the 老大. oh, forgot to tell u, his b'day fall in the same month n date as mummy!!! 01 sept. but yrs leh.. haha.. dun say la, mummy will "hang" me. you know woman is very sensitive of such thing la.. wahaha.. enjoy of talking, c my didi..
look @ him, so cute hor. but naughty, take my favourite ball ball..
hmm.. let me smell smell u, c u nice anot..

Princess Dior @3:16 PM

This is the church, solid arh?
Wah.. nice interior. "Holy cow", dun bring me there. neber been to a church b4.
Marching in..
close up! can c my mummy? behind the bride lor! chio bo?! hehe..
see, both men so happy. esp ah gong, smile until cannot c the eyes.

Princess Dior @3:03 PM

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