Tuesday, November 28, 2006

look @ them.. so happy..

sport car leh.. can take mi for a ride? i neber has a chance to "sit sit & touch touch" a sport car before.. the behind one oso. its belong to the best man.. wah, all so rich. unlike my mummy.. she dun own a car, nt even a "fake" one (toy car la).. poor cha bo.. hahaha..

aiyo, c uncle ash, he been smiling all day.. but tell u a secret, he kana "scolding" from auntie corina, cos he is late! suppose to be "report" @ 7am.. in the end, he late for more than an hr.. hey, u go where last nite har?!
the car "backside"


Princess Dior @5:20 PM

okay.. here are the long... overdue pixs.. lovely couple & of course beautiful bridemaids.. (my mum is one of them, so must say B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L. or else i'll b starve to death.. hahah).. enjoy the photos..

they serve tea to ah gong.. its a form of respect.. look @ ah ma, look so "gien" wait la, ur turn will come.. haha..
ah ma: finally my turn liao.. "phew" hehe.. (ah ma did not say tat la.. its me.. :p)
wah.. ang bao.. look @ uncle ashley face.. smile until like tat.. of course la.. next time no more ang bao for him during chinese new yr.. its them to give liao.. remember to give mi a big fat one hor!

this is the family photo.. nono.. its nt counted. cos i'm nt in.. NOT FAIR!!!!!! look @ xixi, she dun even wan to take the photo cos she knows tat i'm nt in.. love u my baby sista.. @ least u gt heart, nt like the rest.. ESP MY MUMMY!! smile wat smile!?
all the handsome n pretty gals.. gab is getting more n more handsome.. mummy said he will be the next "rain" our own singapore rain.. dun u agreed? GAB 我们会支持你的.. yeah!!!

Princess Dior @4:57 PM

Friday, November 10, 2006

mummy order KFC & Pizza for the celebration. Look @ all the yummy foods, ur saliva dropping oleadi?! hehe..

my cakes. steady hor, i gt 2 cakes. is my mummy wans to save money & celebrate my "2yrs old" as well?

me & my mummy! she is helping me to make a wish, but i onli gt my eyes on the cake.

now den i know. tis tiny cake is for me. the big one for them. not fair, its my b'day leh, y i onli have the small one. mummy said chocolate cake is harmful to doggie, so cannot let me have it.. TL!! "agrh"..

but, i still wan to thanks my mummy for making my 1st b'day an enjoyable day. n those "aunties" for the generous presents!!

Princess Dior @2:09 AM

hello, i'm back.. so sorrry tat long time did not update my blog.. cos i'm sick n u know la..blah blah blah.. (excuses).. here are some of the pics taken on my b'day. enjoy!

huh? wats tat?

2 weird weird "things" on my bed

hmm.. let me take a "smell"

tink i just open up n check..

just as i guess! its food, food n food!!

let me c, wats in here..

its a O2 bottle, for me when i go "gai gai"..

overall pics of my b'day presents. thank q all the aunties..

Princess Dior @1:50 AM

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