Tuesday, October 17, 2006

hey.. here are some of the pictures taken during the silky outing.. sorri took so long to post it.. well.. u know la, i'm a busy dog.. hehe.. take a look @ my lovely friends, all silky leh..

Princess Dior @7:46 PM

Monday, October 16, 2006


wondering wat is the big event coming?! let me tell u, its me, dior, princess dior birthday.. in another 2 weeks plus plus.. mummy said she will hold a party for mi, she will invite my silky friends, hopefully they can join us.. so excited leh, my first birthday.. my.. i'm one yr old liao, big gal.. mummy say no matter wat, i'm still her little baby, her precious bao bei.. i love my mummy the most, she is wif me when i'm sick, sayang me when i need it... no wonder ppl always said, 世上只有妈妈好.. will keep u update when n where my party will be held.. i wan sleep now, i vomit twice last nite, now feel a bit weak..

Princess Dior @4:08 PM

hello.. i'm back.. miss me? hehe.. sorry tat i'm not able to update in my blog for the past... (dun know how many) days. i'm really very busy, really, its not an excuse.. cos auntie corina is getting married (12 oct).. u know la, we have to tried the gown (exclude me, lucky, i like to be naked!! opps..) prepare tis n tat la.. so troublesome.. everyone is so d**m tired after the whole event.. the most pissed off thing is auntie corina M-I-L (monster-in-law.. haha..), she is D**m, F**king idiot.. aiya, beta dun say too much, if uncle ashley saw wat i tink of his mom, he will be upset.. she spolit our mood.. luckily, everything turn out oki.. i will try to post some of the photos when its ready..

actually arh, i dun enjoy @ all, cos i kana locked inside the house, cannot go wif mummy. mummy said doggie is nt allowed in the church, wat stupid rule is tat, god, jesus shld love us too mah, y dun let me go leh? the most angry part is, i oso NOT ALLOWED to join in the dinner .. my.. so sad, dinner gt alot of goodie food, i heard mum said gt cold dish, shark fin, roasted chicken, steam fish... i listened till my saliva keep dripping.. so mean of them, did not even bother to "ta bao" for me.. lucky tat i'm a "big heart" dog, i forgive all of u. but, next time oso like tat, dun blame me for being "xiao qi"..

to be continue...

Princess Dior @3:24 PM

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

haha.. i can make monkey face (or shld i say doggie face?!).. dun believe, check tis out!!

Princess Dior @11:58 PM

hello, long time no c.. cos mummy had been "chopping" the pc to do some business.. she create an account on yahoo auction n sell some nice items.. lucky did not "sell" me away.. *phew*

btw, she is an idiot, force me to wear the mickey mouse shirt n worse of all, baby DIAPER!!! damn her, she still can laugh @ me n took some pics as well.. actually i dun wan to post it @ my VERY OWN BLOG, but, its ok la, @ the most, let u laugh ur head off lol..

Princess Dior @11:27 PM

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