Wednesday, September 27, 2006

hi, here are the photos.. enjoy!!!
mummy send me to grooming @ 9.30am. after i came back.. feel so tired.. but look @ my beautiful fur, nice right?
hmm.. i wait & wait for mummy, till i really tired, so jump to my "princess" bed to take a nap.. c the ball ball? mummy bought from HK disney shop. my favourite toy..
wei.. wru mummy, time to go out oleadi anot? i cannot wait liao leh..
mummy make me wear this to the party, but i dun like, she said girl girl must wear dress.. *diao!* (she & auntie grace wear shorts, thou she said girl must wear dress?! maybe they are..?! haha..)
another dress of mine.. mummy can't make up her mind which one she wans me to wear. but, i dun like both!! i love to be naked! *opps!*
haha.. @ last, she decided this will do la.. in order to distract me, not to tear my lovely dress, mummy give me my favourite chicken stick!
c, i really enjoy my "mun mun"..
haha.. doing catwalk (no no.. dog walk).. maybe i can be a model? anyone wan there need me as a model? no need $$$, just give me lots of titbits.. worth it leh, do consider.. ;p

Princess Dior @2:23 PM

Monday, September 25, 2006

huh?! wat u wan?
hey, enough hor, i wan to eat leh..
let me count, gt anyone "steal" my food..
aiyo, seem like lost a few leh, beta finish up first!!

Princess Dior @4:26 PM

well, y do i say a happy sat & sad sunday leh? read below n u will know..

mummy brought me to the silky gathering.. my, so many of my "同类" there.. mummy & auntie grace were so excited.. i'm not used to it, cos all of them seem to excited when they saw me.. they wan to smell me, esp my buttock! (i dun like it, i'm not in gd term wif nikey n tis is one of the reason, he smell my buttock!) @ first, i'm nt tat friendly (nt used to it mah), i will growl to warn them nt to come near me.. but, mummy kept telling me "friend-friend", no "bark".. after a while, when the door bell rang, all of them ran to the door n barks, (phew..).. but, not to worry la, after i had warm up a bit, i'm oki.. just a bit excited n scared.. mummy told me i behaviour quite oki, cos i did not "really" fight wif them & tis is my first outing.. she planning something for my birthday!! (yeah!)..

bb hazel is sick again!! she is admitted to KK hospital.. poor gal, neber seem to get well.. keep coughing & having running nose.. sometime, she gt difficulty is breathing cos of the "flam" (damn, forget to ask how to spell tat word), choked on her. everyone is so worried her.. mummy went to visit her during her lunchtime, when she was there, bb hazel was drinking water, after feeding, she vomitted.. auntie joyce said bb had vomitted alot of time. after her feeding, she will vomit.. bb has lost her weight, when weigh her yesterday, she weight 5.3kg, today, 4.9kgs, my, lost 400g.. its nt healthy for a bb to lose weight.. shld get her fatten her when she discharged.. mummy said ah gong was there oso, hearing bb dun have enough clothes (cos of vomitting), he went to get her 5 sets of pretty dresss & tops.. but hor, seem too big for her.. aiyo, ah gong wan to save $$$ iszit? so when bb grow bigger, can wear oso.. haha.. aiyo, shld nt laugh, cos its a sad sunday.. i will pray for bb hazel, to get well soon, grow healthy & strong!!!

i will update my photos for the outing as soon as mummy upload.. mummy is very busy, have to work, visit bb & take care of me.. so, pls bear for a while..

Princess Dior @11:23 AM

Friday, September 22, 2006

mummy's friend said i look like sailor moon.. of course la, we are the same type of gal.. CHIO BU LOL.. haha..

hello, its me again.. i know, alot of ppl say i "lor soh", wat to do leh, i'm bored mah.. if i chew on the furniture again, i will kana rottan from mummy. nobody to talk to, so, online n write my blog lol.. happy to b the onli "child", cos i gt all the attention from my mummy.. she really loves me alot.. so lucky me hor?!

Princess Dior @4:41 PM

Yeah.. TGIF.. for those who dun know wat is TGIF, let me tell u, is: Thank God Is Friday.. hehe.. tell u something, mummy bring me out tomorrow.. we going to seng kang, cos a kind lady has arrange a silky gathering @ her place.. mummy will bring me there (oh, btw, auntie grace going too), they having potluck, so mummy asked ah ma to help her cook chicken curry n bee hoon.. i loves bee hoon (cook by ah ma onli), so tasty, but mummy onli give me a little bit scare i become fat.. c'mon la mummy, u know me, so active, burn fat easily, not like u. hahaha.. mummy onli worried is tt i may not get along well wif the other silky. she said if i naughty n no one likes me, she will NOT going to celebrate my 1 year old birthday in the coming NOV.. (Ahem.. so u know my birthday coming soon har, remember to save $$ now n get me a gift hor, toys & treats will be fine, heehee) she still planning where to hold my bithday.. any suggestion? found some of my old photos, pretty cute, esp the one took wif gab & me.. enjoy..

look @ us, such a gd friend.. ain't i sweet, dun u agreed?

Princess Dior @10:15 AM

Thursday, September 21, 2006

i can feel tat mummy is sad today.. y leh? cos as a dog lover, she hope e best for all the dogs ard.. esp those stray dogs. she feel tat they r very pitiful, always have to look for food (sometime kana chase away by HB), when its raining, have to look for shelter to hide, sometime hit by vehicles n the driver did not stop, left them there to die... to her, no matter is human or animals, its a life.. she always visits the ASD website n c wat she can help. she saw tat ASD is coming out wif 2007 calendar ($10 each) n the money collected will be donated to the ASD, to help dogs under their care. she had been asking ard n c whether gt anyone can help. but, to her disappointment, less than a handful willing to purchase it. of course can't force ppl to buy, but, she felt that HB become more n more selfish, even $10 oso not willing to contribute.. maybe u tink mummy is silly, since no one wan to help, forget abt it lor. y bother so much.. she alone can't do much, unless she is a millionaire.. i just dun wish to c her so upset. if she upset, i will b upset too.. hm.. if everyone can contribute a little, won't the world be beta?

another thing upset her is the person who is always been kind & good to her, can't understand mummy's feeling & thinking.. perhaps he is oso another one who thou mummy is a silly pig.. (shld b horse cos mummy born in the year of horse)

btw, i nearly forget to tell u tat actually i have a half -bro & sista. mummy sponsors 2 mongrels, Sunny & Smallest from ASD.. she contribute a portion of her salary every mth to help them.. you can c them here, read their stories n u will know y mummy did tt..

mummy, pls dun be upset..

Princess Dior @1:58 PM

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

today feel so sianz.. nothing to do.. so i flip thru my PC.. guess wat?! i saw a pic of me when i'm quite small, sleeping in the newspaper hole!! i remember mummy said tat pic was taken by auntie grace. i woke up one day, i blur blur walked into the living room, den i climbed up the newspaper hold n fall asleep there. mummy said i always sleep @ weird weird place.. there is oso once i went to the kitchen, climb on the basket (where ah ma put clean floor towel there) n fell asleep there too! when she wanted to take pic, i walked away liao. hmm.. maybe i gt sleep walking? mummy, quick take me c a doc, wat if one day i sleep walk away n climb the window n fall down?!! oh my god, for time being, i must tied myself to the bed, just in case.. enough of talking, its pics time..

祝大家有个每好的一天.. 再见!

tat is me lol.. shld b 3mths old
like my mummy, i oso wear contact lens, different colours leh.. chio boh? hehe..
mummy said when i'm sleeping, i like an angel, when i'm awake, i'm like devil. mummy is it y u like My Melody & Kuromi? one angel & one devil.. just like me?!

Princess Dior @5:23 PM

oki, dun say i mean n dun introduce nikey to u.. he belongs to auntie joyce.. tats means my cousin, enxi's brother.. he share the same birth date wif SINGAPORE, 09 aug.. just pass his 3yrs old.. my mummy said, when auntie joyce has nikey (abt 2mths old), everyone is so excited.. cos he is cute n look like lion.. he belong to the shih tzu group.. now hor, nikey is very fat, but still adorable.. (i wan to lie n say he is ugly or .. but mummy said cannot lie, cos 雷公 will strike me, no choice..) here are some pics of him.. any gals out there interested in him? can email me n i can arrange a blind date for u.. haha..

c, he act cute, tats y alot ppl loves him..

handsome boy..
nikey n muscle.. muscle is the one smelling nikey buttock.. they are good friends & oso enemy (when there are foods available)

Princess Dior @2:41 PM

yeah, enxi has her own blog oleadi!! auntie joyce saw my blog n very impress, so, she encourge her precious daughter enxi (xixi, hazel) to create her own, so that she can share her 喜怒哀乐.

btw, i oso add auntie grace in my link (@ last, wif auntie grace help, mummy cannot make it, :p). kindly give them ur support orh..

i will write more later on.. now feel sleepy (mummy keep coughing the whole nite, interrupt my beauty sleep).. wanna to take a nap.. have a gd day everyone!

look how tired i am.. off to my dreamland.. hope to dream of food, food & more food.. ;p

Princess Dior @9:59 AM

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

bb hazel 12 days old..
princess hazel abt 1mth..
xixi 2mths old.. chubby bb..

hehe.. its me la.. on my princess bed..
sweet side of me.. princess dior..
mummy u call me arh? wait har, i'm eating now leh..

now u have c the pics of princess hazel & princess dior, who is more pretty leh? difficult to chose? haha.. i know la, bet u say its me rite? take it easy har xixi, next time jie jie (me) will "close one eye" n let u win.. wait! ah ma & ah gong said xixi is prettier than me?! u both "pian xin".. no friend u liao..

Princess Dior @2:01 PM

hmm.. is it tat bad? let me inspect..

okok.. i'm sorry.. pls dun punish mi.. (look @ my innocent face, u got the "heart" to cane me meh?)

Princess Dior @1:52 PM

hihi, as promised, here are some of the pics.. damage done by mini silky me..

mummy actually used the black tape to tape the part where i chew, but, i'm too clever liao. i chew off the tape as well.. no wonder mummy so pissed off hor ?!

oh.. this is our bedroom door.. brown color, so i thou is chocolate.. taste yummy!!

Princess Dior @11:26 AM

Monday, September 18, 2006

wah.. tell u something, mummy cane me almost every morning since sat.. this morning oso kana, after she cane me, she locked me inside my cage. den she sat infront of the cage n scold n scold n scold me.. i did not bother wat she said cos i'm looking for a way out. i hate being lock in the cage of mine, its for me to do business, not kana locked in one. (tink my find SPCA no. in case my mummy do tat again, i can call n get help), lock her inside instead..

but hor, i know i was wrong la.. cos i'm naughty.. i chew my mummy's nice bed frame, my mummy's cupboard, the door.... so mummy was VERY PISSED OFF wif me.. i'm actually wan to help mummy mah. cos she said wan to change all the furniture in the room, but, still tinking cos most of the items r quite new n in good condition. i tink n tink, so i decide for her lol. i chewed the wood off the bed, cupboard n door, to indicate tat these can remove n get a new one, she just dun understand my good intention. wat to do, i can't point, talk or write, how to tell u leh? instead of thanks me to relieved ur "gulity" of "buying & changing" furniure now n den, u cane me.. siao one.. my mummy took some of the destroyed items, i will upload the pics of the "art" after i get hold of the camera. my mummy hide it, tink scare tat i'm interested in it & .... c'mon la, those metal metal stuff dun taste nice, i'm nt stupid, i dun wan my teeth to drop.. hahaha..

sometime, find mummy quite funny. after she give me "rotan", she will sayang me.. carry me to look out of the window (tat is my favourite, cos i wan to keep in touch of the world outside, not frog in the well), kiss me like mad (of course, i will lick her back la, i gt my manner one hor) n of course, the best of all.. LOTS OF TREATS!!! maybe next time i wan more treats, i might consider to let my butt kana the pain.. let me do my calculation n c worth it anot..

btw, bb hazel had discharged on sat evening.. glad tat she came back.. she still coughing, but i believe she will get well soon. cos she has lots of love & care from the whole family.. (bit upset cos she snatch mine..*sob* but, to let her become healthy n happy, i'm willing to sarcificed la.. i'm a "big heart" gal. believe in forgive & forget) n not to forget, i'm a big sista now..

Princess Dior @11:06 AM

Friday, September 15, 2006

remember my baby cousin, hazel? ( look @ the pic above, cute hor?) poor bb, she is really sick.. yesterday nite, abt 11plus pm, mummy n auntie joyce took her to KK hospital. mummy came back alone ard 4am tis morning.. she was very tired cos need to go to work @ 7.30am.. poor mummy.. she is quite pissed off of tat hospital, she blah blah to me... (tink she wans to keep herself awake so tell me wat happen)..

this is wat happen:
they reached KK @ 11.37pm, took a queue #, 0266. need to wait as have to check the temperature or watever by the nurse. however, there is onli 1 nurse available to attend so many small patients.. (KK so poor meh, onli 1 nurse. cut cost arh?) they waited for more than half an hr, suddenly, hazel vomitted.. (mummy c liao oso xin tia), den she start to get impatient as the solo mi xi took her own sweet time.. when their turn came, mummy asked whether can let hazel has the priorty (paisey, dun knoe how to spell), she just smile, said nothing. guess wat, its no la.. evil mi xi.. they had to wait for an hr.. the doc checked on hazel, said tat she has alot of flam (again, dun knoe how to spell), she asked the nurse to suck it out (use machine la, not straw. yucks!!) poor gal, she kept crying n crying, must be very painful for a 9 weeks old bb.. *sob* after tat, send her for an x-ray. the doc told auntie joyce to let hazel had her milk cos pass the feeding time, must make sure she finished the bottle.. too bad, hazel cannot finished it, she fell asleep. (if i'm there, i can help her finish the milk in no time) the doc advised to let hazel stay @ KK for observation as there is flam in her tiny little lung. (abit like me when i'm abt the age, water in the lung...) after chosing the TYPE of ward, B2 (6 bed), no aircon cos mummy scare hazel will catch a cold. (i'm more lucky leh, i gt aircon n i stay by myself, no sharing, but mummy said i'm inside the small small cage, whereas hazel is a big bb bed, damn). after another male doc checked on hazel, said have to make sure hazel drink her milk n finish it. worried tat she might has dehydrated, if tat happen have to poke needle into her small vein. oh god, pls help the small soul, she is so sweet n a darling, dun let her suffer such thing..

after mummy blah so much, she really feel sleepy liao, when she just abt to take a nap on the bed, auntie grace opened the door. she asked mummy to acc her to hospital cos her itchness start again (take a look @ her blog, i go n find the link, cos forgot liao). mummy looked at her n told her tat she just came back from hospital lol, very tired... (ya lor, auntie grace, mummy just came back, she must acc me wan hor, she did nt pat me to sleep today leh) in the end, poor uncle ivan (auntie grace's bf) had to come to our place, picked her n took her c doc..

mummy recd' a sms from auntie joyce, said hazel running a temperature now.. gosh.. tat is bad.. mummy going off to work (strong hor.. she is my heroine), later will go hospital to visit hazel. i wan to go, but mummy said i too young (10mths in case u forget) n scare i caught virus. she said hospital is full of virus in the air which can't be c in naked eyes. (really meh? she cooked up story so i won't whin n cry just to follow her? naked eyes, how does it look like? blur?!) anyway, i oso tired liao, wait for mummy the whole nite till morning, i need to zzz.. bye mummy, help me to sayang my bb cousin, tell her i love her n wait for her to come back.. oh have to go liao, eyes cannot tahan, wan to close..

Princess Dior @10:43 AM

Thursday, September 14, 2006

wahaha.. got my own blog liao.. cool hor? maybe shld intro myself a bit la..
well.. i'm a silky terrier, my name is dior (my mummy likes the brand, so give me this name, anyway, who cares rite?) i'm 10 mths (shld be, dun know how to count, hey mummy, y did not send me to school?). i'm a local breed (confirm 100% singaporean), black color wif a sweet n innocent face. i can get away from all mischief easily (just show my soo... innocent), envy rite? cos nt all doggie has it leh.. i stay with my mummy in her tiny little room (she always said her room is very tiny, actually hor, she siao one, loves to shop, every time come back, confirm gt big bag, small bag... but, i always get a share too la..). oh, got ah gong, ah ma (they dun acknowledge me as their granddaughter, sad) n 1 siao siao, bad temper auntie (her name is grace). i oso gt another 2 auntie, 1 is auntie corina (mummy's eldest sis) n 1 is auntie joyce (mummy's younger sis). CONFUSE? oki oki, make it simple, ah gong n ah ma gt 4 beautiful daughters (of course my mummy is the most beautiful one, must say that cos she is the one who feed me). #1 corina, #2 mummy eileen, #3 joyce n #4 grace. #1 & #3 married liao, so no longer stay wif us.. onli left #2 & #4.

i now a big sister, cos auntie joyce give birth to a pretty princess, baby hazel (2mths, 6days).. she is so sweet n cute (but hor, i think i more cute la), chubby too.. like auntie joyce.. nt i said one hor auntie joyce, its mummy.. btw, auntie joyce has a son too, nikey boy, 3yrs old.. i can't get along wif him, cos when i'm very young, abt 2mths, he barked @ me n i fall (cos kana shocked), from tat day onwards, we r enemies. mummy tired to help us to be friend, too bad, we just can't la.. when nikey came to our place, we will fight.. once mummy tried to stop us, she kana bite by nikey @ (cannot say, later she kill me, make a guess my friend).. but, try nt to think too far hor, cos nt wat u think.. hehe..

u know y i'm called princess dior? cos my mummy treat me like a princess.. y leh? here is the story:
when i'm 2 mths old, mummy bought me from a pet's shop. when i reached my new house, i always sleep.. den a few days later, i started to sneez n a bit of cough.. my mummy was so worried, she send me to mount pleasant hospital in the middle on the nite. e handsome vet told my mummy tat i need to be warded cos he suspected that i gt water in my lung.. she silly mummy cried like a baby.. ah ma told my mummy tat is beta for me mah, here gt vet to look after me, blah blah.. e next day, mummy came n see me, my gosh, she was surprised that i am so active. i bite the bowl n run round round inside the cage, making alot of noise. the nurse toldd mummy tat i'm really a hyper-active gal, all the doggie patients were resting onli me.. play wif my bowl, making noise.. haha.. i'm young mah.. i was discharged 2 days later, mummy was so happy. she swear tat she will take gd care of me, give me all the nice toys n food.. i'm lucky rite? this is wat chinese called " ying huo de fu" .. from tat day onwards, i live like a princess.. if i dun like certain food, my mummy will quickly change, she scared i will starve to death.. i sleep on her bed, she sleep on my mattress (on the floor hor), the fan is blowing on my direction, so i have a cool nite sleep..

e onli thing i'm nt happy abt is, i can't come out of the bedroom.. onli sat n sun.. you know y? cos of the silly ah xiang (my ah ma bbsit one, going to be 3yrs old, he is a christmas bb, born on 25 dec), he is scared of me.. so, mon-fri, he is ard, i cannot come out.. idiot rite? since i'm a princess, i shld be able to roam ard as i like, as i wish.. one of this day, if i manage to sneak out, u beta watch out ah xiang, i'm going to bite u as a punishment.. hehe.. lucky mummy knows me the best.. she knows i'm bored locking in the room, so, sometime, she will bring me go to the park for a run.. i like tat.. can run n run.. sniff here n there.. my mummy tink i'm weird cos i NEVER "shh.. or poo" when i'm outside (normally doggie will do tat). but, hey mummy, i'm a princess leh, how can i do tat? so shame shame u knows.. if i shh.. or poo.. all the reporter will come n take pic of me.. den tomolo paper will have a hugh headline "princess dior shh n poo @ the park" .. so embarassing.. i prefer to do my business @ home..

i tink enough of myself la.. even thou i know u all r interested in my life, i will tell u bit by bit..
1 sad new, princess hazel is sick today.. poor bb, she gt cough n abit of flu.. she is nt in a gd mood as she keep crying, wan ah ma to carry her.. i know how its feels as i oso kana tat stupid virus when i'm 2mths. but c'mon la.. no big deal, we are 21th century gal, we dun cry easily.. we must be tough, so no one will bully us..

haiz.. too bad, she dun understand.. key so much till my paws n eyes tired liao.. i'm going to take my beauty nap.. bye.. will write more if i feel like to.. haha.. i'm LL rite ? look @ my pic n i know u will forgive me.. me cute hor? (damn, was been force my auntie joyce, nikey's mummy, both mother n son r evil, haha).. opps.. cannot say nikey evil, my mummy like tat boy too.. aiya, REALLY going to Zzz now.. bye.. :p

Princess Dior @2:45 PM

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